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Surprisingly, gastric bypass also reduced the prevalence of cancer in postsurgical patients. Similar results regarding mortality were also found inAdamsresearch. He compared long term mortality in patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery (7925 patients) and obese patients (7925 patients) who did not undergo any surgical procedure.

The mean follow-up period of his study was 7.1 years and he concluded that the surgical group had decreased mortality rates compared to the control group. An overall decrease of 40% in mortality rate was noted in the surgical group. The highest reduction in the mortality rates in the surgical group associated with various diseases was noted in diabetes (92%) followed by cancer (60%) and coronary artery disease (56%).Sheltonhas also discussed these advantages of gastric bypass surgery and has stated that it reduces the need of taking medications for comorbidities and makes a person more healthy, active and capable of taking part in daily activities.

On the other hand, associated with several gastric bypass has also been associated with several complications and risks. These risks have been mentioned by Doug Brunk (Brunk), Robyn Shelton, Adams and Pories in their articles. Doug Brunk has discussed the study conducted by Rosenthal on 733 patients who underwent gastric bypass.

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Essay: Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery
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