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HRD helps to identify performance deficiencies like in the case of South West Airlines since they used HRD to implement SHRM and then their policies help produce the employee competencies and behaviors the company needed to achieve its strategic aims.

Thus, with their highly motivated staff they developed a low cost strategy and convenient service. HRD also helps to identify reasons for that cause deficiencies so SHRM can develop particular strategies that might benefit. Being unprofessional and self-centered by being concerned with only personal growth and development, lacking leadership characteristics, lack of empathy to understand employees, to be able to motivate and provide direction and to be able to communication effectively. It is important for a good manager to know the four factors of leadership namely- understanding the follower, being an effective leader, good communication and understanding/ responding to situations as proposed by HRD that a good manager yields good staff management and that is what Standard Chartered is looking for as well. These actions will help to incur employee development, satisfaction and retention. HRD proposes ways and means by which management shall recruit and then place the right people for the right jobs. These actions will help to overcome the performance deficiencies and also go beyond them to improve the overall conditions in the working environment in order to benefit the manager, top management and the employees (Reilly, 2008).

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Essay: Benefits of Human Resource Development
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