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Campbell Soup Company is one the leading soup companies today but back in January 1997 the company decided to come up with a product line of healthy meals that aim to reduce health risks such as heart disease and diabetes. This product line was called Intelligent Quisine (IQ) and it was test marketed inOhioin 1997 but the launch did not prove successful since the product line did not come to the desired expectations due to a weak marketing strategy.

The company was the first to dare to provide to a niche in theUSthat was much expected to be risky since such meals need an excellent communication strategy to convince the market. Since during that time around 60 million Americans were diagnosed with blood pressure and cholesterol issues and this provided them with a potential market. Such type of food was called “nutraceuticals” and the eventually the number grew to 100 million who were at a risk of being diagnosed with blood pressure or similar problems (Campbell, 2008).

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Essay: Campbell Soup Company
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