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The paper by Bingsten et all is a quantitative paper has proved with statistical models that which determinant has a greater impact on poverty thus proving that economic growth does not have much impact on poverty alone. This is a major strength of the paper. The paper requires a detailed literature review since a review of literature will make the paper much more authentic. This is a weakness of the paper. Although the paper has proved certain determinants but a literature review is important to have a clear background to the study because while reading this paper I looked into related research papers for a better understanding of the paper therefore I believe a literature review is lacking in an otherwise strong research paper.

                The paper by Deaton is a qualitative paper discussing ways to count the poor people in the world. The major strength of this paper is that it discuses all possible solutions to count the poor people in the world and this way it can serve as a base paper for many further research papers. This is a major strength of the paper since a detailed literature review has been used to discuss each possible solution and method of research to count poor people in the world. The paper is not focused since it is about the world so it just discusses ways to count poor people in the world and this would have been better achieved via a quantitative method of research to come up with exact figures to support the statement. This is a major weakness of the paper because it is impossible to count every poor person in the world the World Bank needs to focus on broader aspects or maybe considering specific continents to study poverty.

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Essay: Comparison of Bingsten et al & Deaton’s Articles
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