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Theory is there to help but applying it in an accurate manner is necessary since their positioning strategy was apt but the initial base of their strategy was weak. They should have educated their customers through print media, TV programs or events so that they understand the importance of healthy meals that can substitute medicines.

They could have stated bad effects of medicines and benefits of food that will substitute medicines because customers are generally of the opinion medicines are the only cure. The company should have created awareness regarding the breakthrough invention of food substitutes for medicines or a revolution of a different kind. This required aggressive marketing along with educating customers. Thus the theory and reality differed due to the fact that the theory was not applied effectively and every product has a different need thus every product needs a different strategy based on theory but obviously the theory should be implemented in a manner that it adapts to the requirements of the market in order for the product to be an eventual success. Thus there was a difference between theory and application and the strategy failed in the market (Kotler, et al; 2007).

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Essay: Comparison of theory and reality; Campbell Case
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