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The basic types of control will be implemented on a baker making specialized bread for a well-known fast food chain due to which there has to be adherence to standards and for that controls are essential by timing. The first and foremast thing in management is planning and managers need to set the foundations for planning in order to anticipate the right results. The managers need to plan effectively and there is a theory supporting it as well. In light of the paper by (Josephs, 2009) the effective control methods that are applicable to the bread manufacturing business are discussed further in the paper.

There will be checkpoints and sensors when the bread is shaped and goes for the baking to make sure each bread piece is baked well. Any other additions to the bread like fruit will also be monitored. A major type of control in concurrent that will be used is Kanban system. Kanban is yet another approach that is used to control the transfer of material between different stages of production. The word Kanban is a Japanese term and it means signboards or cards. It can be any sign to inform employees in the previous stage of production that a particular part must be taken from stocks and sent to a specific destination (conveyance kanbans), to tell employees in a particular operation that they can begin production (production kanbans) and to instruct external suppliers to send raw material to a destination (vendor kanbans) (Anon, 2004).

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Essay: Control Measures at Bakery Industry
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