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Suggestions for controls in bread manufacturing are as follows (Ouchi, 1979):

Time-based management is yet another approach for management that involves reducing the time businesses take to complete certain tasks like launching new products, etc.

                Empowerment is another approach that aims to give employees the power to make decisions in a business. This motivates employees and results in dedicated and loyal workers.

Team working is another approach that introduces working in teams in organizations since teams are more productive than single workers.

Cellular manufacturing is also an approach used by business with variety of products. This divides the workplace into “cells.” Each cell focuses on the production of a particular product family.

Managing by Numbers is yet another approach that includes five basic steps:

  1. Are we achieving superior customer relationships?
    2. Do we know what we are really good at, and how to obtain the utmost mileage from that excellence?
    3. Are we sharing the rewards among those who created the achievement?
    4. Can we respond flexibly to political, economic, sociological and technological change?
    5. Do we make expert use of external ‘expert partners’?

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Essay: Controls in Bread Manufacturing
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