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The data could have been analyzed using two regression models for a pure and more detailed quantitative analysis of the data. The two regression models could be Probit model and multinomial logit model. These models have been used before for similar researches and the findings have been accurate to a great extent. In probit the dependant variable is a function of the explanatory variables and in multinomial the dependant variable can be categorized into three different mutually exclusive headers.

If I had conducted the research I would have used these two models because they have been proven to give accurate results in previous researches. I would have rather analyzed the data from the household surveys based on the two models proposed since the estimations in the paper are economic based and if a new model is used the data could be analyzed in a better way comparatively. The paper proves which determinant plays a greater role in having an impact on poverty level inEthiopia. Had I done this paper a detailed literature review would have been a part of the paper since it formulates a background to the study especially for the reader/sponsor. I would have included a section that discusses specifically the methods of research used in order to make it even more authentic and organized for the reader/sponsor.

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Essay: Critical Analysis of an Article
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