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The concept of leadership has been an enigma of social democracy since the classical philosopher-kings of Plato. It also remains an elusive and enigmatic issue in management studies, with significant debate about how to understand, interpret, and otherwise give meaning to the nature and role of leadership. Most leadership research of the last 50 years has been conducted in theU.S.,CanadaandWestern Europe.

This places stress on the individual and managers rather than workers. The result is that our perception of leadership might well be affected by a series of learnt assumptions (for example, ‘leaders make a difference’)

that depends on fundamentally assumed theories that stress causal laws and relationship between `variables’ (for example,

leadership styles and behavior are influential and important for organizational activities and outcomes).

Focus is another feature of SHRM which purports the importance of strategies that bring organizational effectiveness and this means employees are human resources that have to be managed in order to meet the strategic business goals

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Essay: Employee leadership Global Concerns
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