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Employee performance is another factor for turnover because if performance is good they are recognized for it thus they are motivated to work better and employee satisfaction is higher. Satisfied employees will never leave but dissatisfied will obviously exit (Jewell & Seagull, 1990).

Based on these reasons for turnover one can say recruitment process has a role to play in turnover but not entirely because other factors are more evident in causing turnover. Recruitment has an indirect relationship with turnover because if right people are hired for the right jobs they will be satisfied and turnover will minimize automatically. But recruitment is a complicated process that is not perfect enough to always give correct results since discrepancies exist and that is where other factors come into play that cause turnover. Factors like recruitment or hiring practice, style of management, no recognition or reward system or lack of a good compensation system are all reasons for turnover so recruitment is just one of the factors that cause turnover and improving just one factor will not have a significant effect on minimizing turnover since it is important to work on all factors to reduce turnover but of course it depends from organization to organization and situation to situation (Abbasi & Hollman, 2000).

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Essay: Employee performance and Organization Turnover
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