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Employees leave organizations for personal reasons as well like incentives, promotions or career development etc (Barky, 1996). Literature on turnover mostly shows that there is a negative relationship between turnover and lack of organizational commitment meaning employees less committed to an organization are dissatisfied and will most likely turnover whereas there is a positive relationship between turnover and high organizational commitment since career development increases employee satisfaction minimizing turnover automatically (Johnston et al;1993).

Focusing on Mcdonalds the employee morale and satisfaction is high due to reasons discussed further in the paper so their turnover is less comparatively and Microsoft is facing increased turnover that is increasing day by day for reasons discussed further in the paper. Although, both organizations work towards satisfying employees but turnover differs from industry to industry. The workforce composition, training opportunities, benefits are the major reasons to the difference in the two organizations.

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Essay: Employee Turnover
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