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Respondents from both the organizations responded differently to the question if recruitment is the key to reducing turnover and to recruitment being an important factor along with others to reduce turnover in their organizations. Yet again a T-test was carried out to see the difference between Mc Donald’s and Microsoft regarding recruitment being the key factor to reducing turnover and the test showed a significant difference of (p<0.05) once again.

This shows that employees at Microsoft are more of the opinion that recruitment is an important factor along with other factors to reduce turnover and of course they mostly believed that if recruitment was not done appropriately that is if the person hired was not right for the job it will result in turnover. The reason is obviously that since turnover is high at Microsoft that is in the last few years it has increased from 8% – 9.6% and its still increasing and the reasons for turnover are lack of career opportunities and coordination between cross functional departments. Whereas, in Mc Donald’s the employees were of the opinion that recruitment is the key to reducing turnover which shows the organization has an excellent recruitment system which ensures the right people for the right job enter which will lead to satisfied employees and of course reduced turnover as a result.

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Essay: Employees at McDonalds Vs Microsoft
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