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At Microsoft, the average employee is aged 30 which show there is an aging workforce which will lead to turnover eventually. The workers in the technology department are overworked and have had no vacations or leaves thus they are dissatisfied. The aging workforce has led to problems of juggling between work and family responsibilities which has resulted in turnover.

The organizational culture at Microsoft is such where there is no play and only work since employees hardly get to go for vacations and the organization is constant crisis due to the issue of meeting deadlines continuously. Microsoft was the employer of choice during the dot com bubble but now the bubble has burst and the issue of lack of career opportunities is mostly at the top level because the organization has paid them so much in the last few years and with their experience they are capable of opening up their own businesses and this has cause dissatisfaction leading to increasing turnover rates. A number of executives testified in the Department of Justice antitrust against Microsoft leading to further increasing turnover rates in the overall organization. Another issue is the lack of coordination amongst cross functional departments in fact the entire organization because Microsoft’s scope is too large for a company dealing in technology.

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Essay: Employees at Microsoft
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