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This festival has great support from food, wine and hospitality industry and the event has helped to showcase Melbourne city as the capital of the world for food and wine which it has become with time due to the event. During 2000,Melbournewas named as the greatest wine cities of the world amongst other significant nominations likeFlorence, San Francisco etc. The team of this food festival is dedicated and dynamic since it is responsible for the incredible success of the festival and also its unique events that have brought millions of tourists to the festival (McGee, 2004).

The popular slogan of the festival is ““For a piece de resistance in a city obsessed with food, little beats the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival” (What’s on When, 2009). Yahoo travels have called this festival the greatest food and wine festival ever. All attendants have had a positive review of the festival that there is nothing to dislike about the festival which means no disappointments and only value. The festival provides a chance to sample all food offerings and wines which makes the visit worth it. Chefs have actually commented that they’d rather eat in Lebourne than inPariswhich is a huge compliment coming from Anthony Bourdain (chef and presenter of US TV series “A Cook’s Tour”). The festival has turnedMelbourneinto a culinary engine for Australia  (What’s on When, 2009.)

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Essay: Event of Melbourne food festival
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