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The external challenges faced by an organization are as follows:

  • Workforce Diversity: This occurs from differences in demographics like age, race, origin, religion, race, culture, creed etc. The differences in generations have also contributed to this factor. From the baby boom late 1950’s and to the bust into 1970’s. The trends changed by 1990’s and then the Generation “X” (20-24yrsold) turned out be independent, rebellious and different. Cultural differences are based on differences in attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles. Immigrants have also caused diversity because they migrate from different places with different cultures and lifestyles.
  • Technological challenges: Technology has come a long way and has contributed a lot to HRM on the whole. Artificial intelligence, robots and other technologies have all contributed to a better and well managed organizations. But it has caused worker alienation because technology is replacing humans and this will adversely affect the world’s population.
  • Organizational Challenges: There have been unions and information systems to complement the organization and its problems. Each organization has its own culture and philosophy and there are bound to be conflicts.
  • Professional Challenges: Each organization now requires a formal degree or certificate in order to be applicable to work in the company. The education requires brains and money and not everyone has both. This is a challenge people have to face inevitably.

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Essay: External Challenges Faced By Organization
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