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The concept of talent management strengthens SHRM and does not replace it due to which the program fits all features of SHRM. The program strengthens SHRM in various ways such as follows:

  • It facilitates management through measurement
  • It provides guidance on what to measure, how to measure and provide the concluding results for it.
  • It provides a direction to HR strategies and that superior people management provides superior results
  • Creating value through people using HR strategies
  • Connecting HR and business strategies
  • HR specialists are business partners
  • Human resources are the most important asset for an organization.

The talent management program fits all three features of SHRM that include organizational level, focus and framework. Thus, the talent management program that also helps managers find their strengths via strengths finder test and capitalize on their strengths particularly; fits with the third feature of SHRM as well and it provides a framework that supports all organizational policies and aims thus it enables the achievement of all strategic business goals with a focus (Vere, 2007).

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Essay: Features of SHRM
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