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The last step will be feedback control where the baked bread is checked for standards and if it’s baked well. The bread sample will be tasted by the worker to make sure it’s done well. Certain control standards will be set like quality, quantity and time of the process. These will form the basis of all controls and checkpoints to make sure the bread is done perfectly. A major control standard will be workplace organization and the five ‘S’ philosophy must be adapted to organize the workplace. They are as follows:

  • Sorting: distinguish between the needed items and the unwanted items. This helps to organize.
  • Straighten: To keep all the needed items in their right place. This helps to make things orderly.
  • Sustain: discipline is essential. Operations must flow in a manner as decided upon or organized.
  • Sweep: the workplace must be regularly swept and cleanliness is essential.
  • Standardise: to exercise control and all the policies must be intact. There must be no break in the set standards of the system.

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Essay: Feedback control system in Bakery
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