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A questionnaire (See Appendix) has been developed to research the relevant population that is in McDonalds and Microsoft accordingly. The questionnaire was distributed in the organizations with permission from management for the sake of research only. The management cooperated since they like to encourage students doing research and the questionnaires were filled within three days. While getting them filled I asked them reasons as well and any extra points were noted for better research. Then the questionnaires were coded for interpretation and they were entered in SPSS for easier evaluation of results. The findings will show in general the primary data collected and analyzed from both organizations individually.

To get more accurate and comparative results a T-tests was conducted to see the difference between effect of recruitment process on turnover in Mc Donald’s and Microsoft. The test showed there was a significant difference of (p<0.05) between Mc Donald’s and Microsoft. Therefore, the test proved that the effect of recruitment process on turnover in Mc Donald’s is higher compared to Microsoft since although turnover rates are higher in Microsoft compared to McDonalds but the reasons for high turnover in Microsoft are lack of career opportunities and also a lack of cross departmental coordination. Since the questionnaires were filled face to face and the discussion with the relevant population exposed the reasons to high turnover rates in Microsoft and low turnover rates in McDonald’s. Interestingly, although both organizations are from different industries the reasons for turnover were standard and the employees from both organizations gave similar reasons for turnover in their respective organizations.

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Essay: Findings of Employee Turnover Research
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