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Food has great relevance and importance in history even when related to religion and rituals it has its own distinct significance.

The history of food confirms that the first few eatables discovered by man were water and then shell fish or any other kind of fish. Then came eggs and mushrooms, rice and insects were also eaten.

The agriculture began and humans grasped the art of agriculture. Food has had a lot of significance because it is the basic mode of survival but it also helped people come together since familiar food types brings people closer in terms of familiarity and also a sense of place. A sense of place is when people feel they are personally attached to some area and this attachment is based on unique qualities like familiar food or food that one had in their childhood. Food helps to identify areas since every country or city has a specialty in food that pulls tourists to it. ThisMelbournefood festival is also known for its strong pull of tourists since this festival has unique activities including music, entertainment, unique events like longest lunch etc. A very interesting finding was of a Japanese lunch box sold at train stations which was a black lacquered bento box and this lunch box later became an inspiration for IBM’s laptops and think pads.

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Essay: Food Festivals
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