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She became very miserable and helpless but later on recovered from her addiction. She said: “Not a day passes that I don’t think about the damage I did to myself but I’m here to talk about it” (Souter). The third example is of a 54 yrs old woman, Annette, who became addicted to smoking cigarettes, as much as 5 cigarettes per day.

All these examples quoted in the article highlight that ‘addiction transfer’ can make the lives of gastric bypass patients very miserable and they end up having complications due to the addictions, if not the disease and procedure itself. Similar concern has been shown by Robyn Shelton regarding this issue. It has been observed that patients think that surgery is an easy way out of the disease but they do not realize that there is great addiction potential associated with it.

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Essay: Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient Facing Trouble
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