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Gastric bypass surgery has emerged as a major breakthrough in medical profession. Obesity is very common in general population and has been associated with comorbidities like diabetes mellitus type II, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), liver and gallbladder disease and thromboembolic diseases.

These comorbidities affect the quality of life of patients and lead to further deterioration of health. Gastric bypass is a reconstruction process which is the surgical treatment for morbid obesity. It helps in the management of all the chronic diseases associated with obesity by reducing body weight. Although it seems a quick fix to all the problems, in reality, it is not! It is a major surgical procedure and has its own intraoperative and immediate and late postoperative complications which can act as a further deterrent in patient’s health and quality of living. The patients still require lifelong medical management and close observation for the development of any complications. The patients are required to have strict diet control which can be a great struggle for many of them. Therefore, it is important to critically analyze gastric bypass surgery and weigh the risks and benefits associated with it. This paper discusses the pros and cons of gastric bypass surgery in the light of evidence available and helps to determine whether the risks of the procedure outweigh the benefits.

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Essay: Gastric Bypass Surgery
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