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The part of the population that remained poor during this recovery period has also been analyzed. Possible solutions to analyze the data have been discussed and the problems related to the proposed solutions have also been included. The rural are has also been studied with initialization of export crops and the effect of this growth prospective on poverty. Trade played an important part in recovering the economy and globalization was the foundation.

Since the 1960’s the world was pretty conservative and it was the anti globalization scheme that actually brought globalization in to existence. The world was restricted with trade barriers and capital movements were not allowed. But the significant elements rebelled and globalization came into being which catapulted the entire world into one single place and the world was integrated to be one. The current global economy has gone through major changes in trends and growth patterns.  Demand, consumption patterns, regulatory environment changes and changes in the global trade are all included in the changing trends in the economy. In this world of uncertainties problems occur and solutions are to be seeked but apart from all that is out of hand we humans still wish to improve and bring about changes in our lives in every way we can.

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Essay: Glass Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia
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