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The standard and the lager category of the beers form the bulk of the sales in the global market. They form almost 46.1 percent of the market as of 2006. Aside from this the premier quality beer takes the form of the other bulk of the market at 34.4 percent. Specialty stouts on the other hand have the market share of 11.2 percent. The least popular however are the Low or the no alcohol beers, but these are growing in importance and over substantial periods due to changes in lifestyles.

                According to the geographic regions the largest market for the beers, in the global spectrum is Europe which forms a colossal 40 percent of the contribution to the annual revenue of global beer industry as of 2006. TheAmericasregion comes in at second place with a 37 percent contribution to the beer industry. TheAsiapacific region follows the two and forms 22.90 percent of the contribution. The beer in the international industry is sold through the on trade channel, the super markets and other channels. Of these the on trade channels account for 38.7 percent of the trade while the super markets account for 20.3 percent of the trade.

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Essay: Global Alcohol Market
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