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Global branding has been postulated as becoming more predominant as firms focus on core brands, and increasingly implement ambiguous international brand architectures as a strategic means of facilitating brand consistency across international markets. (Douglas et al. 2001) This dissertation evaluates this in the perspective of the two companies and provides more evidence and relationship of the global brand architecture and market entry strategies. (Yeniyurt et al. 2006)

                The concept of global branding is very attractive to companies, especially those which have an established brand base in the local region and want to take in to the international market. The global brand actually allows them to be able to market and sell a relatively standard product over a large international market which required much less investment and costs and provides a higher revenue form the increase market share. Moreover the global brands are mostly self sustaining and can enable the companies to become market leaders. “Global brand leadership means using organizational structures, processes, and cultures to allocate brand-building resources globally, to create global synergies, and to develop a global brand strategy that coordinates and leverages country brand strategies. That is, of course, easier said than done.” (Aaker, & Joachimsthaler, 1999)

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Essay: Global branding
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