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The case for obesity due to lack of a proper and fit lifestyle and over indulgence in fast foods has become paramount in America. This is so much so that people inAmericahave started to sue the fast food companies in the market for their obesity. InBritainandEuropea similar trend has also been spotted. In theUnited Kingdomthe trend for the increase in obesity has also increased with the increased consumption of food form the fast food restaurants.

The European region however mostly depicts an increase in the obesity due to fast food restaurants in the highly populated and urban areas only. “InGreat Britain, professional men are fairly thin, or at least not massively over-weight. About 12% of them have a body mass index above the crucial number of 30. Professional women are a wee bit fatter, 15% are obese.” (Oswald, 2002)

The fast food companies have learnt their lesson in America about the negative effects consumption of excess fast food can have on the population. As a result in the United Kingdomthey have applied a different strategy for the branding, marketing and the positioning of their restaurants.

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Essay: Health and Fast Food Consumers
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