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The Human resource department at Mc Donald’s is very efficient and the organization has the best HR system in its industry also winning the employer of choice award with the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Mc Donald’s values its people the most since it believes it’s the employees they have to take care of and in turn the employees will take care of their customers.

They issue a Mc Donald’s Crew Handbook each year that guides the employees further in the organization leading to personal as well as organizational development. According to the employees the organization statistics say that 12% of all teens working inUSAare employed by Mc Donald’s alone. This shows Mc Donald’s has a young as well as a mature element in their workforce leading to a good blend. McDonalds employs youngsters a lot and in fact more than 60% of the workforce is aged 20 or under. Mc Donald’s is known for its workforce diversity and increased value plus equal employment opportunities that increase employee satisfaction and employees do not want to leave the company leading to the industry’s lowest turnover rates.

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Essay: HRM at McDonalds
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