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The aim of the Human Resource Department at Mc Donald’s is to develop people at every level and providing them growth opportunities since they will serve the customers best.

This is evident with the fact that 40% managers as stated by a respondent started at Mc Donald’s as hourly paid workers at the restaurant which shows they have moved up the organization thus they develop a commitment and relationship with the organization considering it to be the source of their improved lifestyle and increased standard of living thus they feel liable to work with a lot of commitment for the organization therefore, leading to reduced turnover. Mc Donald’s has a policy of employing locals at every branch irrespective of their caste, creed, race, color or physical disabilities or gender and they aim to develop these individuals at every step promoting them up the hierarchy and giving them competitive compensative packages and benefits. Thus due to their recruitment policy, recruitment plays a major role in reducing turnover at Mc Donald’s unlike Microsoft.

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Essay: Human Resource at Microsoft and McDonalds
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