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Human resources refer to the people of an organization. Human resource managers seek to facilitate the contribution people make to achieve an organizations goals and strategies. As a slogan at a Union Carbide Plant puts it, “Assets make things possible, people make things happen.”[1] It is important that human resource strategies support organizations objectives because they play a significant role in helping companies to achieve their objectives and goals.

                The central challenge facing organizations is the continued improvement of our organizations, both private and public. The people make an organization so they are responsible. The purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contributions of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically and socially responsible. Human resources determine every organizations success! HR simply manages the people of an organization and not the factors that shape the employee’s contribution in an organization like capital, materials and procedures. Thus, HR can be termed as ambitious in this sense of the word.

[1] William B Werther, JR and Keith Davis (2004) Human Resources and Personnel Management.Arizona:ArizonaStateUniversity Press

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Essay: Human Resource Management
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