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The impact of SHRM can be measured with 10 items in relation with business objectives strategies being met. The items are as follows:

  1. HR practices helping to achieve business objectives or not
  2. HR practices are useful in implementing business strategies or not.
  3. HRM strategy is based on Business strategy
  4. Involvement of HRM in business decision making
  5. HRM and Business strategies are in synch with each other
  6. HRM’s role in coordinating business and also easy access to HR information
  7. Alignment of HR and business strategies
  8. HRM’s role in development of employee programs
  9. HRM’s role in development of work procedures
  10. HR is an important part of the mission statement

Other measurement criteria are as follows:

  • Line management involvement: It studies the involvement of line managers in implementing HR practices and values in the organization.
  • Line management training in HR: How well have the line managers been trained in the execution of effective HR in the organization.
  • Financial performance of the firm: With the implementation of SHRM and talent management in the case of Standard Chartered the financial performance of the bank should improve in the long run.
  • Control variables: These help to ensure the positive impact of SHRM.

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Essay: Impact of SHRM
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