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There are many indications of this procedure. The indications are different for elective and emergency procedure. The main goal of repair is to prevent rupture and increase life expectancy of patients.

For asymptomatic patients, the cutoff size of an aneurysm for an elective procedure is 5.0 cm. If the aneurysm is 5.0 cm or greater, and the surgical risk is acceptable, the aneurysm should be repaired as there are high chances of rupture. For women, a lower cutoff of 4.5 cm is used as they have shown to have higher risk of rupture. Aneurysms can be repaired earlier in the disease course if the patients are young, have a low surgical risk and have a higher life expectancy. Surgery can be delayed in high risk patients up till the size of 6-7 cm.

Smaller aneurysms are monitored with ultrasound every six months. Repair should also be done if the aneurysm is growing at a rate of 1 cm/year. All symptomatic aneurysms and an aneurysms leading to peripheral emboli formation should be repaired regardless of their size. Similarly, atypical aneurysms of all sizes, including dissecting, pseudoaneurysms, mycotic, saccular and penetrating ulcers should be surgically repaired. Emergency repair should be done in all cases of known or suspected rupture of aneurysm.

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Essay: Indications of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
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