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A list of interview questions that can be asked during selection of a CFO for the organization is as follows:

Q1) Do you think visionary leadership is significant in the discipline of finance?

Q2) How did you perform as a CFO in the previous organization as a leader or a manager?

Q3) What is your take on this particular statement? “The thinking process for a CFO of a company resides within the economic architecture needed in the particular environment.”

Q4) Do you think the compensation package should be based on performance or seniority?

Q5) What compensation package are you expecting on the basis of what you were earning in the previous organization?

Q6) Why did you decide to quit from your previous organization?

Q7) Are you a team player or more of an achievement oriented person?

Q8) What are your expectations out of our organization?

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Essay: Interview questions for job of CFO
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