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The facts are horrific since it shows how humans are being used in this age old battle between India and Pakistan. Although Pakistan seems to be weak and India stronger but the insight into ISI and its organized terrorism it is evident that Pakistan is a dangerous competitor for India. The SNS laid the foundation in Kashmir for this terrorism by bringing in foreign terrorist organizations that had apparently waged “Jihad” to save Islam whereas the motive is to tarnish the image of India and keep secularism alive.

ISI has been providing them with arms and ammunition, proper and efficient trainings and also support from Pakistan Army. The ISI will never let this mission come to a halt since they are still luring the youth of Kashmir in the name of religion which does not preach terrorism yet Islam spreads the message of peace but the uneducated and feeble minds of Kashmir’s youth are still falling prey to the intentions of ISI and fresh blood keeps on entering the terrorist activity. They are too advanced and involved to go back or stop the mission. The ISI’s support of the Kashmir terrorists has now brought Pakistan further into the black shadows of shame and disgrace in the world.

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Essay: ISI in support of Terrorism in Kashmir
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