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In fulfilling their duties, ONPs face a number of problems and have to deal with a lot of issues. There are several ethical issues involved in their delivery of care and management of patients as they are involved in decision making which is critical for a patient’s life (Itano, 2005). Since they deal with chronically ill patients, there is lack of funds and level of frustration amongst families and patients is very high. This increases the psychological demands of the patients and a lot of time is required for their counseling and satisfaction.

As the patients receiving chemotherapy and palliative care are in a devastating and debilitating condition, ONPs are required to maintain their calm under all situations and be strong to take care of such individuals. ONPs may be required to deliver home health care to chronic patients who cannot visit hospitals frequently. A huge obstacle in the practice of ONPs in the lack of accessibility to health care as good quality services cannot be provided in areas which are difficult to access as oncology facilities cannot be developed there. But the main issue faced by ONPs is their educational need due to the recent advances in oncology (Hamric, 2005). The practice of ONPs is very demanding in terms of basic knowledge and current advancements in the field. Recent molecular and clinical research findings have changed the therapeutic paradigm of oncology patients. As different molecular and cellular pathways have been found, new anticancer treatments have been introduced. Since the treatments regimens change rapidly, ONPs not only require a masters or doctoral degree but they should also attend continued medical education programs and seminars regularly.

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Essay: Issues at Duties of Oncology Nurse Practitioners
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