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This issue of continued education has a great impact on patients as ONPs are involved in direct patient care. The newer treatment options have better survival rates and improved outcome and quality of life (Hamric, 2005). Thus, if the ONPs are unaware of these treatment options, the patients will be at a disadvantage as they will not receive the best care and treatment available. Similarly, many treatment options have not been used widely and are relatively new in the field. Thus, their proper implementation and usage also requires sufficient knowledge. Newer practices also require more caution as they can lead to severe adverse effects and deteriorate the condition of the patients. The ONPs should have the knowledge regarding these complications and should be able to treat them effectively.

Clinical education and knowledge is also very important for ONPs for their own success and progress. This up to date knowledge helps them in their day to day management of oncology patients. It also helps them work better as researchers and educators as they can conduct research studies on recent treatment modalities and educate patients and other health professional regarding these advancements. Their education can increase their competency and lead to their promotion to higher administrative positions.

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Essay: Issues faced by ONPs
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