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To be more efficient the suggested system for the manufacturing will be lean production system with assembly line. Lean operations will improve their manufacturing capabilities and total supply chain. This will also enable them to respond quickly to market demands. Lean means elimination of waste and things that do not add value to the product. Types of wastes in Rolland and generally are as follows:

  • Time spent waiting for tools, parts and raw material.
  •  Time spent transporting equipment and parts required to complete a repair.
  •  Inappropriate processes like mistakes in entering data etc.
  •  Inventory or queue problems since obselete inventory must not be stored        and hidden inventory occupies space.
  •  Pace of people and machines.
  •  Defects or errors.
  •  Overdesign like excessive repair or uneccassary work.
  •  Poor utilisation of space.

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Essay: Lean production system in Bakery
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