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Control is the ultimate link in the functional chain of management because deviations are inevitable. A project is planned properly and all the standards are set, all the members of the project are directed and motivated appropriately and goals are set but still deviations are bound to occur. An effective control system helps to monitor and then avoid these problems in order to achieve the desired results.

The control process begins from the planning of a project and it depends on the manner the activities have been delegated throughout the members responsible for the project. The exercise of effective control is essential in projects because it monitors, prevents and then helps to eradicate any abuse of authority in the delegated activities. Control is an essential ingredient for the smooth completion of a project because it helps to maintain discipline and decorum in order to entice the best abilities out of every person involved to achieve the desired outcome (Merchant, 1982).

Retailers understand that logistics and supply chain management has been automated and these new technologies plus methods of business have to be adapted in order to stay one step ahead. These can be implemented in the bread manufacturing system.

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Essay: Managing Control in Organization
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