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The talent management program shall help Standard Chartered to maintain a limited pool of talent and also develop a leadership capacity. This program is strategic to the success of banks in this financial turmoil since all banks of a credible decree have implemented an innovative approach to strategic talent management and also recruiting in order to strengthen their workforce. This program shall help the bank maintain its dignity in the market and also survive in the long run.

Being employer of choice has always proved to be profitable for an organization in terms of credibility and productivity in the market. This program shall help the bank understand the importance of a successful recruiting program like “Right Start” in the case of Standard Chartered. A successful recruiting program can help adopt certain approaches such as data mining, customer relationship management, competitive intelligence, assessment metrics from other functions of the business and niche marketing. For e.g. First Merit Bank has a strategic and innovative approach that has been extremely successful and it has been called the benchmark firm that other organizations must follow. The talent management program can enable the bank to become the employer-of-choice brand and a leader since this program shall help to prioritize jobs, cut costs and focus more on “game-changers” or a person who shift rapidly which is an issue with bank during this financial meltdown.

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Essay: Managing Talent at Standard Chartered
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