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The marketing of an event forms the basis of the success of any event or festival. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has a number of sponsors to promote the event and to further its cause. The marketing plan of Melbourne food festival has helped to promote the event and make it such a huge success. The festival has a very committed and dedicated team that works to make the largest food festival of the world a success every year (Melbourne, 2009).

The Action Plan for the marketing plan includes the Product, Price, People and Promotion.

The sponsors advertise the event, the event is announced publicly through newspapers and local channels including radio. The activities such as longest lunch are also part of the promotion since these events attract tourists from all over the world. The Target Market is all tourists of the world and locals as well. All food figures of world including internationally acclaimed chefs, food lovers, wine lovers and Social Class A and B. The generic marketing strategy used by this festival is market development that is existing products but to new markets. According to the categories of food events Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is Generic but focuses on local food only and it’s a national event promoting Melbourne and Victoria. The festival has all the renowned companies as sponsors which adds to the value of the event. They have a website and also newsletters that can be subscribed to by all those interested (Promotion, 2009).  .

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Essay: Marketing of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
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