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The company’s existing marketing strategy has proved to be effective for the company and they have a competitive advantage in certain areas. The overall responsibility for marketing lies with the marketing department of the company. This is the marketing plan of the department I work for and my team and I are part of the marketing department and we contribute in the making of these marketing strategies and we also consider the feedback to these campaigns in order to suggest changes.

The final authority lies with the marketing manager and we as a team assist in bringing the marketing strategies alive and also implementing them effectively plus suggesting changes from feedback. The company has divided its marketing plan into three which includes

advertisement by different products, promotional activities and communication strategies. This company is basically dealing in finance and their competitive advantage is in the lending products that are loans etc since the features of the products they provide are better than their competitors since the features are unique and aim to satisfy the customers. Their criteria to stay ahead has certain ideals which includes entering joint customer since that helps to maintain the

required income and also the commitment rate, the guarantor can also be added since in the case of weak cases when meeting the required criteria is not possible, the other income generated from private business and other part time jobs can also be added in case of a problem and private businesses might get personal loans as well

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Essay: Marketing Plan of Bahrain Commercial Company
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