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According to the employees recruitment is the key to reducing turnover in their organization because the right person for the right job and with Mc Donald’s supreme treatment and benefits to employees the turnover will minimize automatically which is relevant to the case of this organization.

Mc Donald’s has a policy of providing career growth opportunities to any employee who shows the interest and enthusiasm to grow due to which a number of current senior management personnel and managers have been promoted from basic crew working for branches. This way they move up the organization all aware of the culture and the work and this has saved training and recruitment costs to Mc Donald’s. This can not be done in Microsoft because it has specialized departments with specialized employees that can move up the hierarchy only within their scope of work due to the nature of their jobs. This is a major reason why recruitment is also an important factor but not the only factor leading to minimized turnover according to employees of Microsoft. Whereas, Mc Donald’s has capitalized on this opportunity due to the nature of industry they operate within. Mc Donald’s has a number of systems like loyalty points, employee of the month etc to motivate their basic crew which Microsoft cannot obviously adapt. Mc Donald’s has a younger people in majority as employees which is a major factor contributing to reduced turnover of course the factors of valued employees and workforce diversity are pivotal. Of course Mc Donald’s has a proper training system and many benefits like flexible hours mainly benefiting women, bonuses and paid vacations unlike Microsoft which lead to increased turnover at Microsoft and a minimized turnover in Mc Donald’s since employees are comparatively more satisfied

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Essay: McDonald’s Recruitment Strategy
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