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The measurement of the impact of SHRM is essential since that will tell the effectiveness of the implemented policies and strategy. The impact measurement of SHRM will show the HR strategies fit with organizational goals, integration of SHRM in the organizational policies, the involvement of HR in the senior management, development of HR practices in the line managers and value addition of SHRM in the organizational success. The resource based view (RBV) of firms has been explained with certain positioning dimensions (Millimore, 2007)).

These theories represented by innumerable theorists in this field have helped to identify various firms in different positions in the market. All firms have capabilities that are unique in some way and they help achieve sustained competitive advantages. But there has been no research as such that dips into ways and means for the firms to leverage their capabilities with their resources. Also that these capabilities are complex and have to be realized and understood effectively has not been addressed in any such research up till now. The question to be addressed is “What resources are necessary to achieve and sustain specific competitive positions in today’s market place?” Thus it is important to measure SHRM and its impact (Anderson, 2005).

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Essay: Measurement of impact of SHRM
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