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Melbourne food and wine festival was launched in 1993 and it has grown in to the largest food festival in not only Australia but also the world. The attendants of the festival keeps on growing with triple figures every year since in 2007 above 300,000 people had attended the festival. This festival is giving fierce competition to other big events such as AFL Grand Final and even Australian Open tennis finals.

The event has local and international value since during 2004 this event was nominated as one of the world’s hottest tickets by Chicago Tribune,Canada’s Globe and Mail and also Australian Financial Review. This event was the only one to be selected by these papers in the Southern Hemisphere which is an achievement (Mead, 1997).

The Melbourne Food Festival has a dynamic team and they have their own logo (See Appendix) but this festival has givenMelbourneinternational acclaim for the art of culinary excellence since every year all the acclaimed international chefs visit this festival to taste the delicious food offerings ofMelbourne. The 2007 festival was particularly very popular for its culinary excellence and an exotic experience.

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Essay: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
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