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Bigsten et al in their paper that studies the impact of growth on poverty in Ethiopia and the paper shows economic growth has a weak relationship with poverty since other factors play a much more important role. They have used entirely quantitative methods of research and they have used statistical models to analyze the data. The paper has used a household survey as a basis and then the statistical inferences have been used to analyze the data to prove the determinants.

The paper is based on economic functions tested to statistical procedures and the Lorenz function has also been used. Each variable has been tested according to their mean values. These mean values have formed the basis of the non random selection of the sample used for the study. Therefore, the paper includes tables and estimates for better analysis unlike Deaton’s paper that uses qualitative methods of research for analysis. This paper is well researched and the findings are of course authentic due to the method of research used.

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Essay: Methods recommended using in Bigsten et al Article
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