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I was only 18 years old when I had to move to Santa Barbaraand college life changed me forever. I learnt a lot in college and soon turned into a very independent person with a focus, mind set and determination to start my own business. College life was great in other ways as well since I made a lot of friends and also understood the importance of networking to have a strong career ahead. I was privileged enough to learn from well experienced teachers. Some of my teachers were working for huge multinationals like Coca Cola, Pepsi etc and one of them was a professor at Harvard Business School. I learnt a lot about business and the market from my teachers. I had a business in mind which I wanted to pursue inSanta Barbara. I would make sure I am not just studying to get good grades rather to understand everything in the light of the business idea on my mind.

Academically I was privileged to have great teachers but my school and life in Santa Barbaraalso taught me people skills. I did not recognize the importance of interpersonal and people skills until I joined this school. In the beginning, I was naïve enough to trust everyone but a few experiences where I realized people used me to their advantage, taught me to be careful. Initially I was shy and did not interact much with people but later I understood the importance of interaction and I began to interact with everyone in school. Interactions with different kinds of people taught me a lot and now I am a good judge of character plus my people skills have improved immensely but of course there is still room for improvement.

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Essay: My Effective Domain
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