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I also realized the importance of research since it is important to remain up to date with every development in my field of interest. Therefore, I joined a library and some good journals online, including the Harvard Business Journal; these helped me update my knowledge regarding business. That is when the idea of starting my own business grew into a full fledged dream of opening up a Chinese restaurant inSanta Barbaraso that the locales can experience the taste of delicious Chinese food.

This business could turn into a successful venture and I had decided to have my family come to Santa Barbara and assist me with running the business. My idea could turn into a successful family business! I had a vision but I needed some professional guidance to actualize my dream. I decided to meet my teacher who had taught at Harvard to guide me with my project. My teacher was very supportive and gave me proper guidance of opening up a restaurant in Santa Barbara. He also explained the procedure to me plus he offered to help me with the process of setting up my business since he believed my idea would work well in the market. My teacher knew the market better than me and having a mentor made things achievable. He also provided me with material to read that helped me grasp the market situation in Santa Barbarasince simply entering the market without any experience or preparation would result in failure. Competition is immense so proper knowledge regarding the market before launching the business holds prime importance.

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Essay: Narration by a Student
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