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The infected neonate should be kept in respiratory isolation and should be kept in isolation till he has been treated for 5 days or is no more infectious. All the contacts should be identified and appropriately managed to prevent them from acquiring infection. All of them should receive antibiotic prophylaxis (Bryant, 2007). Precautions to prevent droplet infections should be followed in the neonatal unit, like wearing masks during contact with infected neonates.

Extensive surveillance should be carried out for individuals who come in close contact with infected neonates like all the health care staff including doctors and nurses, residents, students and other patients admitted in the ward. It should be ensured that all of them have been vaccinated properly. All the health care workers who have cough and are suspected to have pertussis should be ordered to stay away from all patients. All these steps are very important in the control of pertussis infection in a neonatal nursery (Bryant, 2007).

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Essay: Neonatal nursery and cure
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