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The role of oncology nurse practitioners (ONPs) has evolved over years as the field of oncology has grown. The need for ONPs has multiplied in the recent years and their duties and roles have been well established. The ONPs act as direct caregivers, consultants, educators, researchers and administrators. They play a crucial role in providing quality care and services to oncology patients. In order to fulfill their duties, they face a number of challenges and issues.

The most important issue is the need for continued education and keeping up to date due to the recent advancements and discoveries in the field of oncology. This is essential for their practice as ONPs and has a great impact on patients’ care, health care institutions as well as personal development of ONPs. This issue has clearly been identified in recent literature and various professional organizations provide good education and training opportunities to ONPs.

Advances in the field of oncology is a great issue for ONPs and it is of utmost importance that they keep themselves updated with the recent discoveries and advancements in this field. For this purpose, proper education programs and curriculum should be designed and professional organizations should organize research seminars and teaching programs on a regular basis. The government should provide support to ONPs for their education and training as it is the dire need of society to have efficient and competent ONPs to deliver quality care.

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Essay: Oncology Nurse Practitioners
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