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This issue has great implications and can directly affect the patients, the institution where ONPs are working as well as the ONPs themselves. All the health institutions have recognized this need and organize teaching sessions and research seminars and conferences on a regular basis to keep their health care professionals up to date.

Many studies conducted in this area also highlight this issue and show that continued education is the need of every ONP. The article by Belcher focuses on education of ONPs and concludes that there is a need of improvement in the education system and curriculum of nursing practice and postgraduate and short education courses should be introduced to enhance the practice and quality of care delivered by ONPs (Belcher, 1995). A survey conducted on pediatric oncology APNs showed that they prefer continuing education and need for similar opportunities for better patient care (Ferqusson, 1996). A review by Murphy on APN reports that the field of oncology nursing has grown over time and educational adequacy and need is one of the issues faced by the nursing practitioners which needs to be addressed in order to provide expert opinion and care (Murphy, 2002).

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Essay: ONPs and APNs; their issues
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