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  • Establish High Standards and Accountability: It is important to set high standards and when people achieve them there should be a system of accountability so that people are responsible of their actions. High standards without accountability will discourage employees.
  • Feedback: Managers need to set standards and, goals and milestones that need to be achieved by employees and then feedback of the quality of work should be given to employees. Negative feedback must always be given in private and positive feedback must be given publicly and this will motivate employees to work harder.
  • Spend Time and Make Time: It is important for managers to take out time for their employees in order to get close to them and also to get to know them. Often managers consider this useless. Although it’s very important and this helps to understand the employees better and provide them with what they want and expect. This will satisfy workers and the honest concern from the manager will help to retain employees.
  • Be Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm is contagious and it spreads plus managers must know the importance of it and that it should transfer to employees.
  • Provide resources and support: It is important to provide all resources to employees since the absence of resources that are necessary to carry out the job cause dissatisfaction. Managers need to help and support employees so that they can overcome challenges and meet objectives.

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Essay: Organizational Measures to Retain Employees
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