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The world watched in shock and disbelief the planned terrorism attacks by Islamic bigots to wage ‘jihad’ and save the face of Islam on Earth. An impressive recipe using the Islamic scripts along with the feeble minds of the less privileged Kashmiri’s managed to create a men-in-scene that encouraged organized terrorism.

The reports from the Home Ministry of India, American Congress and also the arrested terrorists from Kashmir have all confirmed the fact that ISI had been exhausting one-fifth of Pakistan’s budget to support organized terrorism in Kashmir (Pike). Unfortunately the much despised ISI that instills melancholic feelings amongst the youth of Pakistan when they recover from a blame game shock to rekindle their patriotism for Pakistan, this organization has been involved in Drugs trade on top of all the black mass they have gathered. This trade helped the organization collect three thousand million dollars and this has been confirmed in 1992 by former governor of Kashmir, Mr. Jagmohan. This amount equals five defense budgets of Pakistan. ISI has been luring the youth of Kashmir with terms like ‘jihad’ and ‘Islam is in danger’ to become militants and the organization provides them with arms, plans, refuge and also good communication systems to make sure the plans are executed efficiently. The ISI has been responsible for organized terrorism in West Asia, Kashmir and Middle East. ISI is the biggest organization in the third world employing 20000 people who are paid exorbitantly for supporting terrorism. ISI is an unfortunate incident that happened to Pakistan and thus further tarnished the image of the once popular country.

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Essay: Pakistani ISI supporting Kashmiris
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